TechLine (Call Center)

“TechLine is great opportunity to learn more about the University and connect with alumni. Working at TechLine is fun and gives me the chance to support departments, scholarships, and organizations. It’s a great networking opportunity to be able to connect with alumni and help raise funds to support the University.” —Paul Bork, TechLine senior caller


In 1977, Michigan Tech Student Foundation was founded, ushering in the first group of students to pick up their phones to call alumni across the United States. About 15 student callers raised thousands of dollars for the Annual Fund in their first year—sparking Michigan Tech’s rich TechLine tradition.

Since its inception, TechLine, the student call center, has grown to become the largest fundraising opportunity for current students to become involved with on campus. Beginning July 1 of each year, students work together to call thousands of alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Student callers share news of exciting things happening on campus in the coming year, and procure donations for programs and activities that each Tech student benefits from daily.

TechLine Phone Number: 906-487-1399