Freezing on the broomball rink. Endless hours studying for Chem 1, Diffy Q, Thermo, Orgo, and other brain-bending subjects. Cheering a Huskies victory at the "Mac," Wood Gym, or Sherman Field. Basking on Lake Superior shores, getting lost on Keweenaw back roads, and taking in the burst of fall colors from the peak of Mont Ripley. Starting off your day right with some cardio—aka shoveling your vehicle out of the snow bank.

Does any of this sound familiar? You can help the next generation of Huskies carry on long-standing Michigan Tech traditions and create some of their own—making memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Give?

 A bar graph showing the drop in state appropriations from 29% of the total MTU budget in 2005 to 17% of the total budget in 2015.

State of Michigan appropriations for higher education have dramatically declined in the past 10 years. In Michigan Tech's case, state appropriations accounted for 29 percent of our total revenue in 2005, in contrast to just 17 percent in 2015. Increasing other sources of revenue—including private support from individuals, corporations, and foundations—has been necessary for the University to stay in business. It is important to note that Michigan Tech is a state-assisted, not state-funded, university.


Where do I start?

Do you have a cause that's close to your heart? Look at where to give to learn more about supporting research, students, activities, and scholarship. Unsure of the differences between an immediate donation vs. long-term planning? Visit our guide to the many ways—short- and long-term—you can give to Tech.

Worried that your contribution won't make an impact? Your donation combined with others will grow into something beautiful. Even an award-winning Carnival statue must start with a single snowball. (Need inspiration? Here's 25 ways to contribute $25.)


"Good fortune is only a loan. Pass it on."

—Rudolph BS '62 MS '63 and Judy Shunta