Giving appreciated securities or mutual funds is a fast, easy way to give to Michigan Tech.

Securities and Mutual Funds

Stock can be directed to any area of the on campus.  It can help you:

  • Diversify your assets
  • Minimize capital gains taxes

It is almost always a better strategy to give appreciated securities directly to the University, rather than selling them and donating sale proceeds. In fact, many alumni find that the tax benefits associated with giving appreciated securities to Michigan Tech allows them to increase the size of their gifts.

To give appreciated securities or mutual funds, contact Lorraine Young at 906-487-3305 or

If you own securities that lost value, you can sell the stock, take the capital loss deduction, and make a gift to Michigan Tech.

Closely Held Stock

Don’t believe conventional wisdom: you can make a charitable gift of closely held shares of stock in your own company, and receive the same tax benefits as if those shares had been publicly traded.

You must secure a qualified stock appraisal to receive the deduction. Michigan Tech can sell the shares back to the company, either for a lump sum or a promissory note, on the condition that there has been no prearrangement with the company.


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