Ideas and Projects

Creative Engagement

One of the goals of Family Science is to get kids more excited about science and technology. Here you can find ideas for projects in your own space, using supplies that are easy to find.

  • Teach outside the classroom, such as free reading, read-aloud time, or engineering a seed getaway
  • Celebrate pioneers, such as Amelia Earhart, Leo Fender, Ernö Rubik, Ben Franklin, and Christine Darden, with related engineering activities
  • On hot summer days, stay cool by learning with water and bubble activities
  • Nurture an appreciation for bicycles
  • Use natural catastrophes to teach about natural cycles, weather patterns, safety, and emergency preparation
  • Engineering is all around the home, such as seasonal change, the need for vaccines, the presence of birds, and the behaviors of gardens
  • Celebrate National Library Week and Pi Day
  • Keep STEM tools on hand at home: measuring tools (ruler, meter/yard stick, measuring tape, measuring cup) and observation tools (magnifying lens, binoculars)
  • Take local area field trips to museums, industries, planetariums, or county fairs