Anna Nault

Full Tuition Recipient


Anna Nault - Marquette, MI

Business General


"I am excited to continue my education at Michigan Tech because I have successful adults in my life who studied here, and it is close to my hometown. I also really like how there are many different activities to do around campus, so I have plenty of different options. I would like to start my own business, and I know Tech will help me reach my goals.”

The following students received partial tuition awards as part of the Impact Scholarship program.

Mickayla Brandly

Mickayla Brandly - Hancock, MI


“I am excited to attend Michigan Tech because it fosters my love for learning in an environment that pushes me to be successful. Having grown up in the Keweenaw, I know firsthand that there are many people eager to guide me along my journey. I am proud to continue my education as a Husky!”

Anna Brubaker

Anna Brubaker - Chassell, MI

Management Information Systems


"I chose MTU because many of my friends are attending to become engineers. When I discovered the business program here, I was thrilled. I can do what I want to do, without losing contact with my friends."

Collin Flatt

Collin Flatt - Fenton, MI



"I chose to attend Michigan Tech because of the job placement rates along with the ranking of the University. I also really enjoy the UP, as I am an avid snowmobiler.”

Megan Happel

Megan Happel - Three Rivers, MI

Engineering Management

"Michigan Tech has been my dream school since as early as sixth grade. I am thrilled to not only be accepted, but also to receive this amazing scholarship. As both a left- and rightbrained student, I look forward to the challenges engineering management has to offer me. Michigan Tech, here I come!”

Abigale Hayes

Abigale Hayes - Lake in the Hills, IL


“Winning an Impact Scholarship has boosted my confidence and has shown me that I can actually do this. Knowing that people outside of my immediate family see potential in me makes me work even harder to validate their beliefs"

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson - South Range, MI

Engineering Management

“I decided to attend Michigan Tech because of the area. I grew up in Houghton County and lived here just about my whole life. I explored and adventured and saw the beauty of what the area has to offer. I also decided to go to Michigan Tech because of family and friends that live nearby.”

Coleton Kotecki

Coleton Kotecki - Menominee, MI


“I chose to attend Michigan Tech for many reasons. The biggest being the opportunities available to me—both on campus and my career after graduation. Another factor I took into consideration was the distance from home. Being a Yooper who values education, MTU was an easy choice being only three hours from home. Scholarships also helped me make my decision.”

Emma Melchiori

Emma Melchiori - Marquette, MI

Business General

"While attending the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Tech, I hope to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering management. I have always been interested in business and engineering, so a major combining the two is perfect for me. Winning an Impact Scholarship also helped secure my decision to attend MTU."

Seth Mosentine

Seth Mosentine - Ada, MI

Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

"I was having difficulty picking the school I wanted to attend, I noticed that most of the tours I took highlighted the amenities available to students, not the programs. Michigan Tech was different. Almost all of the tour was dedicated to showing off academic facilities."

Jacob Romang

Jacob Romang - Merrill, WI

Engineering Management


"Winning an Impact Scholarship means a ton and will help make paying for college easier. It also gives me confidence going into my first year at Michigan Tech. I am ready to succeed."

Nathan Sodini

Nathan Sodini - Traverse City, MI

Business General


"After an extensive college search, I knew Michigan Tech would be my new home. From the challenging glade skiing, exciting hockey games, to the first-class academics, Tech has everything to offer. I look forward to playing tennis for the Huskies. My goal is to earn a degree in management and become a CEO of a corporation."

Sarah Smyth

Sarah Smyth - Rochester Hills, MI

Business General


"Michigan Tech is the right school for me because of its hands-on teaching and friendly environment. Michigan Tech has passionate students who love to learn and because of this, they make school a great experience. With a degree from Michigan Tech, I can follow my dreams and chase my passions."

Evan Sorensen

Evan Sorensen - Negaunee, MI



"Every interaction I've had with Michigan Tech professors and students has been positive. Since Tech has such a similar community to my hometown, my decision wasn't hard to make. I look forward to all the opportunities at MTU. I can't wait to get started!"

Breanna Stohr

Breanna Stohr - Whitehall, MI



"I chose Michigan Tech because it has an out-of-state feel with in-state tuition. Tech builds the bridge to the new age of technology. I'm excited to see where the opportunities Michigan Tech has to offer will take me in my pursuit of a master's degree in accounting."

Nicholas Yost

Nicholas Yost - Dublin, OH

Management Information Systems


"I chose Michigan Tech at first because of the beautiful campus and scenery. As I explored more of the University. I discovered what a great education and set of opportunities it has to offer. From a solid educational foundation to a strong alumni community. Michigan Tech is a perfect fit for me."

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