Budget and Planning Office

Useful Banner Reports

Oracle Reports

FYBOR002 – Budget Worksheet – Provides a snapshot of the budget vs. expensed amounts for a selected fiscal year.

FYBOR001 – Original Budgets – Shows the amounts loaded into the departmental budget by pool code.

FYGOR501B – Budget vs. Actual by Index – Run as of specified fiscal year and month for desired department or account index (not that there are other variations of this same report to fit a departments needs). The report shows a summary of the budgeted line items as well as current month and project to date expenses (for research indexes).

FYGOR501L – Budget vs. Actual for Financial Managers - This report can only be run by the financial manager assigned to an account index. Run as of specified fiscal year and month.

FYGDOR003A – Organization Detail Activity – This report displays all transactions for a given time period. These transactions are broken down by account code, and include the transaction date, document code, description and the amount. Another version of this report is available in Discoverer (below).

HYOPAYE001 – Gross Earnings – This report displays the earning codes used per employee, account code(s) charged, total hours charged and gross amount charged for a selected time period.

Discoverer Reports

Transaction Detail (FYGDOR003E) – Revenue, Payroll, Expense and Transfer Detail for Transaction Activity. Run for a specified fiscal year and range of fiscal periods.