Externally Funded Academic Year Fringes


Fringes that are budgeted in the General Fund Accounts cannot be used for any purposes other than fringe benefit expenses. Departments that generate externally funded academic year release time (not a cost share) will be authorized to transfer the fringe benefits budget associated with the release time to other expenditure categories.


Departments who wish to transfer release time salary and fringes to other accounts must submit the following to the Budget & Planning Office:

  1. Request for Budget Transfer form indicating where you would like these funds transferred to. Include the following information in the Reason for Change section of the form:
    1. the research index number being charged for the release time,
    2. the name of faculty providing release time, and
    3. the time period that release time is reported.
  2. A copy of a Payroll Labor Distribution Report - Oracle report HYOPAYE001 showing that the salary has been charged to the research account.

    OR A copy of a Request for Account Distribution Change Form indicating that payroll expenses will be charged to a research account.

    OR A copy of a Reallocation of Payroll Funds Form showing the payroll expenses that are being reallocated from the general fund account to a research account.

Note: Departments that have established an A13xxx account to report faculty research efforts must only use these accounts for faculty research S&W and FBs. If any funds are going to be expended on other things, the funds must be transferred to another account. No other expenditures can be charged to these accounts.