Participating Departments

Biological Sciences

The life sciences are pivotal to new discoveries in basic plant, animal, and human biology and for improving ecosystem health on the planet. Students in the life sciences will experience multiple lecture, laboratory, and field research opportunities at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering students at Michigan Tech do more than just study this extensive field; they graduate with a unique set of skills gleaned from hands-on lab experience and competitive course work. The Department of Chemical Engineering has one of the most expansive learning laboratories in the discipline worldwide—measuring in at 6,500 square feet, the Unit Operations Lab is a pilot-plant-scale educational facility dedicated to chemical processing.


In the Department of Chemistry at Michigan Tech, we pride ourselves on the top-notch education and valuable guidance we offer to students seeking both undergraduate and graduate degrees. We believe that chemistry is a hands-on science best taught through personal interaction and lab experiences that are both practical and relevant.

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

The faculty and staff of the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science are committed to educating students to create the future in the fields of forestry, forest ecology and management, applied ecology and environmental sciences, wildlife ecology and management, and molecular genetics and biotechnology.