General Education

Michigan Tech has eight Undergraduate Student-Learning Goals (USLGs) which are attained through the general education and disciplinary programs. Refer to the Assessment Overview for details on how the General Education program and Departments work together to build student competencies.

Basic Information

General Education Assessment

The process of assessing General Education courses has been outlined in a dedicated Canvas Site, and includes information on:

Specific Goal Committees, Rubrics, and Resources

In addition to the General Education Council, there are committees for each USLG addressed by the General Education program.

Information for Academic Advisors:

General Education Requirements

Up to date and historical requirements for fulfilling the general education program are provided by the registrar.

Banweb Search

When searching the Schedule of Classes, the "Attribute Type" can be used to find courses being offered in the selected semester that meet certain General Education classifications. For more information see the General Education Program page.

Note: Students using Banweb's "Look-up Classes to Add" feature would need to use the "Advanced Search" option to select "Attribute Type".