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Support Contacts

Marika Seigel

  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Dean of the Pavlis Honors College
  • Associate Professor, Humanities

Research Areas

  • Educational Innovation
  • Rhetoric of Health and Medicine
  • Writing Program Administration


  • Facilitate implementation of Michigan Tech’s undergraduate curriculum
  • Support ongoing growth in the Pavlis Honors College
Jean DeClerck

Jean Straw DeClerck

  • Assessment Manager


MS in Rhetoric & Technical Communications, Michigan Technological University


  • Manages learning-goal assessment systems for both General Education and undergraduate degree programs.
  • Assists faculty in planning learning-goal assessment approaches intended to reveal opportunities to help students.
  • Promotes collegial, knowledge-sharing initiatives to improve instructional practices and student-learning-goal achievement across disciplines.

For Degree Programs 

Resources for Degree Program Assessment (Canvas course)

For Undergraduate Goal Assistance 

Along with numerous other resources, the Canvas Undergraduate Student-Learning Goal Help pages also list current committee chairs and members by goal:

For Academic Advisors

General Education Requirements

Up to date and historical requirements for fulfilling the general education program are provided by the registrar.

Banweb Search

When searching the Schedule of Classes, the "Attribute Type" can be used to find courses being offered in the selected semester that meet certain General Education classifications. For more information see the General Education Program page.

Note: Students using  Banweb's "Look-up Classes to Add" feature would need to use the "Advanced Search" option to select "Attribute Type".