Probation Information

Congratulations on your recent hire.  All new regular employees of Michigan Technological University shall serve a probationary period ranging from 90-270 days dependent on the employee class.

    Non Represented - 270 days

    AFSCME - 120 days

    POA - 270 days

    UAW - 90 days

The probationary period is a valuable learning tool for the success of both the new employee and the department.  It is suggested that the immediate supervisor have a preliminary orientation meeting with the new employee within two weeks of the start date to outline the job expectations.  Then, three periodic reviews should take place at regular intervals throughout the probation, each with the completion of a progress report in a timely and thorough fashion.  The supervisor completes the progress report, discusses it with the employee, obtains the employee's signature and returns each report upon completion to Human Resources for evaluation and storing in the personnel file.