College of Engineering

Welcome From the College

Dear Friends,

The faculty, staff and students in the College of Engineering at Michigan Tech are committed to the development of innovations in engineering and applied science. Our goal is to bring real enhancements to the quality of life throughout the world.

For over a century, we have provided relevant educational opportunities in all aspects of engineering and applied science. Today, we are discovering new knowledge, designing new devices and systems, and delivering solutions to some of humanity's most pressing problems.

Much of the work we do is inspired by our proximity to one of the largest concentrations of freshwater in the world, and the unique bio-diversity of our region. Our contributions extend far beyond the lab, classroom, and region, as well. With this website, we hope you enjoy learning about our programs and the talented faculty who lead these activities.

We invite you to contact us with any question—or better yet, please come and visit us.

Very best regards,

Janet Callahan
Dean, College of Engineering