College of Engineering

Academic Administrator Position

Assistant Dean for Research and External Relations

The Assistant Dean for Research and External Relations is responsible for leading and assisting the college and its departments with securing large, externally funded research awards, and with overseeing and developing external partnerships, both with the overarching aim of securing external support of the research and educational mission of the College of Engineering.


Faculty Awards

Research Excellence, Early Career Research Excellence, Teaching Excellence, and Service Excellence

The College of Engineering invites departments to nominate engineering faculty for the inaugural cycle of awards.

Apply by February 15.


Cluster Hire

Cluster Hire at the Interface of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Computation for Engineering

The College of Engineering invites applications for multiple faculty positions in all fields of engineering or computing.



Study Abroad

Students in the College of Engineering and a Michigan Tech approved study abroad program may be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship. Apply by March 1.


College News