College of Engineering


Wayne D. Pennington

  • Dean, College of Engineering
  • David House Endowed Professor of Geophysical Engineering, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

Research Interests

  • (Not accepting new graduate students)
  • Properties of rocks under varying conditions of saturation, stress, and heterogeneity
  • Oil and gas exploration and development
  • Seismic petrophysics -- relating rock properties to seismic observations, particularly in oil and gas development
  • Earthquake seismology, particularly induced seismicity, and humanitarian aspects of large earthquakes
  • Administrator of the SPOT Lab (seismic petrophysics: observation and theory)

Leonard J. Bohmann

  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • Electric power systems analysis
  • Utility applications of power electronics (HVDC, SVC, FACTS)
  • Power system dynamics
  • Power quality
  • Power system transients
  • Computer analysis and simulation of power systems

Adrienne Minerick

  • Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
  • Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Development
  • Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Microdevices
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Nonlinear electrophoresis