Doctor of Philosophy Degree Requirements

Below is a brief overview of the doctor of philosophy degree requirements within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For a full explanation of requirements, please visit the Graduate School’s Doctor of Philosophy requirements page.

General considerations:

  • A minimum of 60 credits of approved coursework and research (30 credits beyond a Master’s Degree) is required.
  • 1 credit of Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research; UN5001 is required for all graduate students who entered the program after Spring 2013.
  • You must earn a grade of BC or better in all EE courses; C or better for non EE courses. (BC/C grades may only be used up to six (6) credits.)
  • You must have your advisor's approval. See Recommended course sequences for various research options.
  • Audit - Use this audit worksheet to calculate if your credits meet the requirements for a PhD.

If you already have an MS degree:

  • 18 classroom (non EE 6990) credits are required with a minimum of 9 credits in EE 5000-6000, and a minimum of 3 credits being 4000-level or higher from the College of Engineering (non EE), Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

If you don't have an MS degree:

  • Direct PhD:
    • A minimum of 21 credits in EE 5000-6000 (non EE 6990), and a minimum of 6 credits being 4000-level courses or higher from the College of Engineering (non EE) Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.
  • MS + PhD:
    • The path to MS + PhD is 30 credits of approved coursework plus 30 additional credits, subject to advisor approval.


Additional Requirements