Management—BS; Entrepreneurship Concentration

What is entrepreneurship?

Students invariably ask this question when considering a curriculum in Entrepreneurship. Fundamentally, it is about identifying business opportunities and then doing something about it. Students could either start a new venture around an opportunity while still at school, or work in the industry after graduation for a while to gain some experience and garner the necessary resources and then start their own businesses, or even work for other companies and stand out from the rest of the crowd by going above and beyond their defined roles by searching and acting upon business opportunities that would help companies run more efficiently, make profits or enter into new markets.

No matter what path our students choose, these entrepreneurial students represent the breed of true leaders who are motivated to pursue their passions and make it to the top.

Read more about businesses launched by our students - 906 Vapor; Two Bows LLC

About the Entrepreneurship Concentration

The concentration is currently offered to management majors only. Students are required to complete four concentration required courses along with the Management major requirements:

  1. MGT 3800 (Entrepreneurship) offered  every Fall semester
  2. BUS 4991 (Business Development Experience -I) offered  every Fall semester
  3. MGT 4200 (Entrepreneurial Management) offered every Spring semester
  4. BUS 4992 (Business Development Experience -II) offered  every Spring semester

Thinking like an entrepreneur may be easy, but doing something about an identified business opportunity requires the appropriate knowledge and skills. Through these four courses, we offer not only the fundamentals of entrepreneurship but provide our students with invaluable hands-on real world entrepreneurial learning experience. The concentration blends course-work with application oriented experiential learning. Learn about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in MGT 3800 and MGT 4200 and apply those in BUS 4991 and BUS 4992.

What to Expect?

Take advantage of the entrepreneurship concentration by:

  • Engaging in experiential learning.
  • Enacting like an entrepreneur.
  • Learning how to identify opportunities and doing something about it.
  • Creating new businesses around your identified opportunities.
  • Working closely with real entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, CEOs.
  • Leading the efforts behind commercializing technology innovations at MTU.