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Three students watching another studnet test a driving simulator.
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9 hours ago - Think of making a stronger metal alloy as a bit like making sugar water. 🥄 🤔 Scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) mapping of the constituent elements (aluminum and zirconium) in the rod-like precipitate phase and the aluminum matrix. The bright dots in the picture are predominantly zirconium atoms; the dimmer ones are formed by aluminum atoms. 🔬🔬 Heat water on the stove (because warmer water allows for more dissolved sugar). Add sugar. Stir until it dissolves. At some point, the water can no longer take more sugar and the sweetener stops dissolving. Precipitation strengthening mixes two different metals instead of sugar and water. This process has three steps. Heat the metal alloy, which in this case is aluminum-zirconium, at high temperature—not enough that the metals become liquid, but enough to ensure a homogeneous solution. Quench the alloy in water to generate a supersaturated solution. Heat the quenched alloy in the furnace at a temperature lower than that used to create the original solution to force the zirconium to migrate into the precipitate. Materials Science doctoral candidate Deji Fadayomi, and professors Paul Sanders and Gregory Odegard, are working on these precipitation-strengthening mechanisms in aluminum-based alloys. This atomic-resolution image and elemental maps of precipitates were obtained in aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (AC-STEM) at Michigan Tech’s Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory (ACMAL) to better understand alloy behavior at an atomic level. #michigantechunscripted #alumimunbasedalloys #scanningtransmissionelectronmicroscopes #createthefuture #stronger #material design
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Yesterday - 700 students from 10 Western Upper Peninsula schools visited today for the seventh annual Lake Superior Water Festival. 🚰🚿🌊💦 #waterfestival #greatlakesresearchcenter #gowiththeflow #cleanwater #wastewater #greatlakesresearch #naturalresource #education
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Yesterday - RT @mtuhky: A light dusting this morning. #mtuhky #FollowTheHuskies https://t.co/bS83ycK6eD
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Tuesday - Welcome to Dreamland 💤💤 Michigan Tech's new lab for sleep research continues our work to understand the relationship between sleep and cardiovascular health. 🛌 Read the story on #michigantechnews (🔗in bio) #michigantech #humancenteredresearch #sleeplab #health