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16 hours ago - Megan Schrauben '04, aims to improve Michigan STEM education as incoming executive director. (Photo: Sara J. Martin, MDOT Media Services) 🔗 #STEM #Michigan #MI #STEMeducation #CreateTheFuture
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21 hours ago - “Black History Month allows everyone to show appreciation for all the work that black engineers and scientists have done to advance every STEM-related field,” says Bruce Brunson Jr., president of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). 💛🖤 “Black History Month shines a light on the importance of diverse thought,” says Kellie Raffaelli, director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI). “Black History Month to me is more a time to reflect,” says Nathan Shaiyen, president of the Black Students Association (BSA). 💛🖤 "Challenge your peers when they make certain kinds of remarks, and challenge texts that ignore or misrepresent black accomplishments," says Terrianna Bradley, president of the Society of Intellectual Sisters (SIS). 💛🖤 🔗 #michigantech #mtucommUnity #blackhistorymonth
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22 hours ago - Medical device innovation. Biotechnology. Med school preparation. Michigan Tech students explore the possibilities in medical careers.
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Yesterday - "MTEC SmartZone is an entrepreneur-development organization. These are people with passion, who take their ideas forward, and make an impact in our community.” –Marilyn Clark ‘73 ‘76