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4 hours ago - What does it take to earn the Bhakta Rath Research Award? Invent a new material. #createthefuture
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7 hours ago - Light is either absorbed or scattered when it interacts with biological structures. Scattered coherent light, such as light from lasers, leads to an interference pattern known as speckle. Anindya Majumdar, a PhD student in biomed engineering, studies how to use speckle optics in medical imaging. #michigantech #createthefuture #biomedicalengineering #medicalimagingtools . . . . . #celldynamics #laserspeckle #michigantechunscripted
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16 hours ago - Speckle interference patterns could be used for medical imaging tools. #createthefuture
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Yesterday - Michigan Tech Parade of Nations is September 16—save the date.