Pavlis Honors College

Our Vision For Change

Welcome to the Pavlis Honors College. We’re a vibrant community of scholars and leaders committed to education in and out of the classroom. We call ourselves an Honors College—but not in the traditional sense. Our mission is to serve all of Michigan Tech’s highly motivated students, regardless of GPA, by providing countless (and unexpected) ways to enhance the college experience. We want every student to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities that Tech has to offer. Michigan Tech can be much more than a major - it can be your path to success.

Prepare yourself to experience Michigan Tech your way - click on Experiential Learning Communities to explore how to build your full Pavlis Honors College education.

We offer 3 distinct learning communities designed with your goals and aspirations in mind. The Pavlis Institute is for students interested in global leadership. Peace Corps Prep is for students with a commitment to global community service. And, the Custom Pathway community is designed for students who wish to customize their honors education to suit interests in industry, innovation, research, domestic service and other global engagements.


Formula SAE PSA

Formula SAE students created a PSA for middle school kids about applying basic physics principles to their Enterprise work.

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