Winter Carnival

Blue Key Members

Clara Peterson

  • President

Hello! My name is Clara Peterson.

A fifth-year chemical engineering major with minors in Spanish and mathematical sciences, I am proud to represent Blue Key Honor Society as this year’s president! This is my fourth and final year in Blue Key—I’m happy to be part of such a prestigious, strong, and exciting organization.

A virtual kaleidoscope of activities, hobbies, and passions, I’m extremely involved in the Visual and Performing Arts Department; every semester I perform in Concert Choir as well as a theater production at the Rozsa Performing Arts Center or McArdle Theatre. I’m an avid traveler who visited eight countries by the time I turned 22. I love to backpack, hike, and live in the woods during the summer. The thing that people remember the most about me is my loud, contagious laugh!

Gabrielle Lohrenz

  • Vice President

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle Lohrenz.

I’m a fifth-year biomedical engineering undergraduate student who’s been part of Blue Key for four years and am honored to be vice president this year. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this amazing organization and being able to work with great students!

I love hiking and backpacking to new places with friends. I’m also passionate about rock climbing and head to the climbing gym whenever I get the chance. One of my most thrilling activities so far was skydiving in San Diego.

Jacob Allen

  • Statues Co-Chair

Hello, my name is Jacob Allen.

I am a third-year electrical engineering student with a focus on power engineering. I am a second-year Blue Key member and fortunate to have the opportunity this year to have a leadership role as co-chair of the statue committee.

I enjoy spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and downhill skiing. My love for the outdoors was developed through my time and adventures in Scouts, leading to me earn the rank of  Eagle Scout. Michigan Tech is in a fantastic location to be able to participate in all of these activities while pursuing my dream to be an electrical engineer.

Kaylie Anderson

  • Special Events Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Kaylie Anderson.

I’m a fourth-year electrical engineering undergraduate student. This is my second year in Blue Key, and my first year holding this position. Blue Key has created so many memories over the last two years and I’m glad I’ve been able to experience being in this organization.

I spend the warm months we have here at Michigan Tech outside! I love to golf with friends or go hiking to find some beautiful waterfalls. I’ve also been a dancer for 18 years; that’s always been the thing I am most passionate about.

Trevor Brandt

  • Special Events Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Trevor Brandt.

I am a third-year civil engineering major and one of the co-chairs for Blue Key’s special events committee. This is my second year as a Blue Key member and also my second year on the special events committee.

I’m involved in several other student organizations including Green Campus Enterprise and Mitch’s Misfits. My favorite part of Winter Carnival is the All-Nighter. In my spare time I enjoy watching or playing sports, playing board games and card games, and going fishing.

Cacie Clifford

  • Alumni and Membership Relations

Hi! My name is Cacie Clifford.

I’m a third-year bioinformatics major minoring in psychology and computer science. This is my second year in Blue Key, and my first year in my current position, which was created just last year and I am very proud to hold. I love the volunteering aspect of Blue Key and this position really helps me get other people out there volunteering as well.

I also work in the Biology Learning Center and have another job on campus—and I am a visitor and volunteer at Copper Country Humane Society. Anyone who knows me knows I love cats (and all animals really)! My dream job is to become a genetic counselor and help people understand their genetics.

Makenzie Condit

  • Public Relations Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Makenzie Condit.

I’m a fourth-year electrical engineering student with a concentration in biomedical applications. This is my third year in Blue Key and my first as a co-chair of the public relations committee. Blue Key has been an awesome way to be involved in all the fun things Winter Carnival has to offer!

I’m also a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and a LEAP leader in the Engineering Fundamentals Department. In my free time I love to be outside. In the warmer months I hike, kayak, and go to the beach. In the winter I spend a lot of time snowshoeing and downhill skiing.

Abigail Hendrix

  • Queens Committee Chair

Hello, my name is Abigail Hendrix.

A double major in chemical engineering and mathematics, this is my third year in Blue Key and my first as committee chair for the queens coronation. Through this committee I’ve met many wonderful people that represent Michigan Tech well and thoroughly enjoy living in the UP.

I work as a tutor at the Math Learning Center, am secretary in Tau Beta Pi-Engineering Honor Society, and am also a member of Omega Chi Epsilon-Chemical Engineering Honor Society. In my free time, I enjoy reading and binge watching Netflix and Disney+. I also enjoy getting out and exploring beautiful Houghton, Michigan and the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Mallory Jayne

  • Treasurer

My name is Mallory Jayne.

I’m a third-year mechanical engineering major with a minor in Psychology. This is my second year in Blue Key Honor Society and my second year as treasurer. I like to hike and spend as much time outdoors as I can. You can catch me reading a book or hiking around trying to find new waterfalls.

Tim Laynes

  • Stage Revue Chair

Hello, my name is Tim Laynes.

A third-year computer science undergraduate, this is my second year as a Blue Key member and my second on Stage Revue Committee. It’s been wonderful working with a great organization and a wide variety of people. I have plenty of good memories.

I enjoy spending my time playing all types of games, from simple card games to five-hour-long board games to video games. My favorite thing is that you get the chance to meet new people and interact, getting to know them without having to ask anything personal. Plus, it’s a way to relax after a long week of classes or work.

Ethan Marker

  • Statues Co-Chair

Hello, my name is Ethan Marker.

I’m a fourth-year mechanical engineering major with an Enterprise concentration. This is my second year as a member of Blue Key, second year on the Statues Committee, and my first year as the Statues Committee co-chair.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, including hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing and the Keweenaw is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy these activities. During the winter months I enjoy snowshoeing, ice fishing, and playing broomball. I also play a wide variety of musical instruments.

Molly McKenzie

  • Secretary

Hey there! My name is Molly McKenzie.

I’m a fourth-year biological sciences student with a pre-professional concentration—pre-dental, in my case. This is my second year in Blue Key and my first as secretary. It has certainly been a whirlwind of activity and new experiences being part of this executive board!

I like to say I’m kept busy—I currently work four part-time jobs and am in four student organizations on campus, including Blue Key, and am on the executive boards of three of them. I am a traveler as well, having visited, explored, and volunteered in five countries this year alone—it’s been quite a year for this local!

Drew Vincent

  • Public Relations Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Drew Vincent.

I’m a fourth-year electrical engineering student. This is my second year in Blue Key and my first year as a co-chair. I’ve enjoyed being part of Blue Key and seeing how much the community gets involved in Winter Carnival.

I am a member of the Open Source Hardware Enterprise and a LEAP Leader in the Engineering Fundamentals Department.  

I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and cross country skiing.