When You Return

Welcome back! Now that you're a Huskies Abroad alumni, we hope you'll continue to expand your international credentials.

We offer multiple ways to make the most of your experience—and to help you adjust to any reverse culture shock. For some students coming home feels different, maybe even a little disconnected, because you’re seeing familiar surroundings from a new perspective. The ultimate cure is to go again! In the meantime, helping others who want to study abroad and making concrete plans for your future can ease re-entry. You may also want to continue blogging or journaling, as a way to process and share.

More re-entry strategies to put on your calendar:  

Study Abroad Reunions

Reunions bring recently returned students together to share insights on their travels. Enjoy tasty snacks and beverages in a supportive environment for chatting about how your experiences affected you—your fellow adventurers get it! The reunion includes a short re-entry session with tips on incorporating study abroad education and experience into résumés, grad school applications, and job interviews. Bring your souvenirs, photos, and stories.