Students with an interest in making new materials or products using the processing capabilities on campus are invited to submit a proposal to the MakerMSE™ project, sponsored by IMP and the MSE department by contacting Steve Kampe by email. The successful proposal will assist with costs associated with tooling, staff labor, equipment access, and use fees sufficient to create a prototype of the envisioned product or capability. Typical grants will not exceed $5k. Grant proposals will include a project summary paragraph, motivation and description of the idea, timeline and description of deliverables.

3D printed bulldog

The Hancock “Hey Bulldog” casting was created by Michigan Tech students for Hancock High School. 

Entrepreneurship and Creativity

MakerMSE™ provides a path for students to propose, design, and create products for sale, commission, or to simply establish a capability or methodology for future use.

Examples include:

  • Retro Michigan Tech bookends (cast)
  • UP bottle openers (extruded)
  • Etched bird-strike-resistant glass (laser etching)
  • Departmental and University plaques (cast)
  • Name plates (cast)
  • Hancock “Hey Bulldog” (segmented casting)

Student Project Examples


Stephen Kampe

Stephen Kampe

Director, Institute of Materials Processing