The facilities support a wide range of University activities, including production of advanced and experimental materials for faculty-led research, advanced process development, support of instructional labs, interdisciplinary collaboration, and outreach.

When coupled with the University's core Microfabrication Facility (MFF) and the Advanced Characterization and Morphological Analysis Laboratories (ACMAL), Michigan Tech's suite of material processing and complementing characterization facilities, represent an impressive breadth of capabilities enabling advanced in-house experimentation, discovery, and development at a level and scale that is unique among universities nationally and internationally.

Melt processing showing a melt pour from a bucket into containers.

Melt Processing

Melting and casting facilities support molding, pattern-making, and analysis of metals. Finishing facilities are available.

  • Induction melting (Fe-, Al-alloys)
  • Vacuum induction melting (Al-, Mg-, Cu-alloys)
  • Resistance melting (Cu-, Al-alloys)
  • Investment casting (Al-, Cu-alloys)
  • Melt-spinning (rapidly solidified metals)
  • Arc melting (especially refractory metals)

Deformation processing showing a 550 ton extrusion press.

Deformation Processing

The deformation processing facility for metals also supports heat treatment and finishing facilities.

  • Breda 550 ton extrusion press
  • FENN 8-in rolling mill
  • FENN rotary swager
  • Wire-drawing

Powder Processing instrumentation

Particulate (Powder) Processing

Tools facilitate powder blending and preparation, canning, sintering, and heat treatment. Characterization instrumentation and environmental glove boxes are available.

  • ASEA Mini-hot isostatic press (metals, ceramics)
  • AVS vacuum hot press (metals, ceramics)
  • Cold isostatic press (metals)
  • Dake 150-ton unidirectional press (metals, ceramics)

Metallic 3d printing showing spark trajectories.

Metallic 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing of metals is possible, with methods under development.

  • Low-cost, wire-fed gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process development
  • Laser fusion process development (REF pending)