Researchers using the extrusion press.


IMP provides, maintains, and encourages partnerships for the use of facilities supporting synthesis, processing, and the manufacture of a wide range of engineering materials and product prototypes. IMP-maintained capabilities include several melt processing variants, various deformation-processing strategies, particulate (powder)-based methods, and emerging capabilities in metal-based additive manufacturing.

Instruction activities showing an AME poster.


IMP provides learning facilities for:

3D Printing

This facility is utilized by Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME).

Deformation Processing

This facility is utilized by AME and the following courses.

Metal Casting

This facility is utilized by AME, Finlandia University Sculpture, and the following courses.

Pattern Making

Outreach activity showing people blacksmithing out in the parking lot.


The Summer Youth Programs division of the Center for Educational Outreach at Michigan Tech offers scholarship programs in engineering, transportation, and computer science. IMP provides facilities for investigations into materials engineering.

Several groups use the metal casting facilities:

  • Engineering Scholars Program (ESP)
  • Women in Engineering (WIE)
  • Junior Women in Engineering (JWIE)

Creative project showing bulldog sculpture.

Entrepreneurship and Creativity

MakerMSE™ provides a path for students to propose, design, and create products for sale, commission, or to simply establish a capability or methodology for future use.

Examples include:

  • Retro Michigan Tech bookends (cast)
  • UP bottle openers (extruded)
  • Etched bird-strike-resistant glass (laser etching)
  • Departmental and University plaques (cast)
  • Name plates (cast)
  • Hancock “Hey Bulldog” (segmented casting)