Returning Students

Welcome Back to Michigan Tech!

IPS invites all spring and summer 2013 Study Abroad Alumni to a Welcome Back Session from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., on Wednesday, September, 2013 in the MUB Alumni Lounge B. Food and beverages will be provided. Please bring photos, videos and your stories that you wish to share.

We hope that your study abroad experience was more than you had hoped it would be! We know that returning from studying abroad can lead to mixed emotions and you may experience, what is known as, "Reverse Culture Shock." Reverse culture shock, or re-entry, is simply a common reaction to returning home from studying abroad. It is an emotional and psychological stage of re-adjustment, similar to your initial adjustment to living abroad. By now, you've probably found that your study abroad experience awakened your senses and led you to new understandings and personal growth.

Coming home might feel like a letdown after all that excitement. But it's also an opportunity to put your new skills to use. The challenge now is to take both your new knowledge and your cultural skills and integrate them permanently into your life ahead. This is an exciting time to look forward to life ahead.

The Michigan Tech Study Abroad Office is always here for our returning students.