Scholarships and Fellowships

A female student in winter clothing stands in front of the bronze husky statue in the center of campus

With the continued decline in state appropriations for higher education, students rely more and more on privately funded scholarships and fellowships.

When donors create a scholarship or a fellowship through the Michigan Tech Fund, they make it possible for another student to pursue an education at Michigan Tech. The beneficiary students could not be more grateful to those who provide them with this life-changing opportunity.

Types of Student-Support Funds

The Michigan Tech Fund offers two main types of scholarship and fellowship funds based on the method chosen to support the awards:

1. Annual Scholarship/Fellowship Fund

Offering support to any student with need, this important fund makes a Michigan Tech education possible for many deserving students. Gifts in any amount are gratefully welcomed. You can make a donation to the Michigan Tech Fund online.

2. Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund

In contrast to the total payout policy used for annual funds, endowed funds limit spending to a portion of the investment return. Therefore, the principal (your gift) can be invested in longer-term, higher-yielding assets with the objective of providing growth and a hedge against inflation.

For more information, read about setting up a scholarship or fellowship, call the Office of Advancement at 906-487-3325.

Investing in students will be part of your legacy. Your generosity nurtures and rewards intellect, creativity, and hard work. For that, you can be proud to support Michigan Tech students.

—President Emeritus Glenn Mroz

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