Campus Campaign

The annual Michigan Tech Campus Campaign offers faculty and staff the opportunity to invest in any department, program, or project at the University. Gifts of any size are encouraged, as the focus of the campaign is participation.

Strong participation in the campaign sends the message that Tech employees believe in the University's vision and mission—and in the good work taking place on campus.

Employees can participate in the campaign with an outright gift, a multi-payment pledge, or through payroll deduction. Together, we can make it a banner year for the Campus Campaign!

Statistics for the campus campaign in FY 2015. Stats are as follows. There are 1,425 Michigan Tech faculty and staff. 318 of whom supported the campus campaign during FY15. 78 departments participated. 113 programs and funds were supported. The campus campaign has been making a difference at Tech for 38 years. It has raised more than $3.83 million dollars in that time.