At Michigan Tech, 92 percent of undergraduate students receive financial aid. Of those, alumni and friends support 985 undergraduate students with scholarships. Because of you, our donors, students receive an education, discover new possibilities, and transform the world. Here’s how your gift has made a difference to students:

We Thank You


"I have participated in many things at school suchas broomball, Winter Carnival, hockey games, and exploring the great outdoors that lay all around the school. I even learned to ski on Mont Ripley. It's also been the place whre I have met many lifelong friends who have made the whole experience even better. All of the great opportunities I have had would not have been possible for me without the kindness and generosity of people who have donated to this scholarship."Rebecca R.
"Once more, I greatly appreciate your generosity and dedication towards supporting my generation's education. Many students could not afford a Michigan Tech education without the support of donors such as yourself. People like you inspire me to support students in the future when I am capable of doing so!"Alden G.
"Donors like yourself are the reason students like me are able to pursue our dreams and make a career and life for ourselves."Christine C.
"It means so much to me to have received this scholarship. I didn't know how I was going to pay for my last semester at MTU and then I received this blessing. Thank you so much for empowering me and supporting my education. I want to change and better the world, and being able to afford dot complete my education has allowed me to get one step closer to that dream. Thank you again. I hope to one day be able to give back to a student the way you have given to me."Erin R.
"Thank you again for your generosity. It was greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards making college more affordable. I am so lucky to have a great Husky family."Ashley B.
"Thank you again for your generosity. I greatly appreciate it and without generous donations like yours, I wouild not be able to attend Michigan Tech and receive the world-class education it provides."Anthony C.
"Thank you for your generosity! Whit the help of this scholarship, I have been able to fulfill my dream of applying science and math to solve real-world problems.

With your kindness, I have been able to obtain an amazing education and meet so many wonderful people. In the future, I am going to sponsor a scholarship for young women like myself who are majoring in the STEM field."Lauren K.
"I have tried my hardest to keep my stuident loans to a minimum during my time here, and your mindful contribution has helped me do that . There have been times where I didn't know if I'd be able to afford my tuition for a semester, but with your help, I've been able to carry on and continue my dream of graduating."Nick W.