Jay Meldrum

Jay Meldrum


  • Director, Michigan Tech Keweenaw Research Center
  • Executive Director, Sustainability
  • Faculty Advisor, Alternative Energy Enterprise


Jay S. Meldrum, Sr. has been the Director of the Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) of Michigan Tech for 21 years. He manages a full-time staff of 30 engineers and support staff who provide test and analysis services to the military and industrial sponsors on a 900 acre test track. Meldrum is also involved in energy research due to the high cost of energy in our area. The Center has a 20 kilowatt solar panel research facility and a geothermal heating system that uses water from an abandoned mine shaft as its source of ground water heat. In addition, Meldrum teaches the Alternative Energy Enterprise class on campus. Students from all disciplines study solar, geothermal, wind, fuel cell, and other forms of alternative energy and energy efficiency.

In the summer of 2017, Meldrum took on an additional appointment as the Executive Director of Sustainability at Michigan Tech. Current activities include running a Sustainability Demonstration House where students live and explore ways to live more sustainably. The house is powered by a nearby solar panel array and students look for practical ways to recycle, compost, conserve water, grow food indoors over the winter with an Aquaponics system, and monitor their energy consumption. Our current sustainability goal is to achieve GOLD status using the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Reporting System (STARS), a tool provided by our membership in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). To achieve this goal we need to coordinate our efforts across campus in recycling, energy, monitoring, education, and goal setting giving students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to participate in sustainable practices.