Frequently Asked Questions

About Safety First Alert


What is my Login for Safety First Alert? 

Your Safety First Alert Login is the same as your Michigan Tech ISO login. For more information about your ISO login visit the Michigan Tech ISO Information page.


Why am I having problems logging in?

Verify that you are using the correct user ID and password. If you have forgotten your password visit the Forgotten Michigan Tech ISO Password page.


What contact data should I provide to the Safety First Alert Service?

The Safety First Alert service can deliver a recorded message to up to three phone numbers, a message to your Michigan Tech email address, and one text message. Providing as much information as possible to receive a message increases the likelihood of getting the message in a timely fashion.


What is the primary number?

Your primary number should be your most commonly used phone number.


I have submitted all of my information and selected a primary phone number. Is there an order to how I will be contacted?

In an emergency situation the order for contacting you will be dependent on open communication lines. A text message, will most likely be the first form of communication you receive.


Why do I keep receiving emails from

You must take action by reviewing and updating your information or "opting-out" of the Safety First Alert service.


I am a student, and there is an "Update Safety First Alert Info" hold on my account. Why?

All students will receive one month of reminders to review and update their information or "opt-out" of the Safety First Alert service. After one month, if no action is taken, a hold will be placed on your account.

To remove this hold you must review and update your information or "opt-out" of the Safety First Alert service.


Can I opt-out of the Safety First Alert Service?

Yes, you can opt-out of the Safety First Alert Service. Go to the Safety First Alert page in Banweb, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the "opt-out" option.


Will you use my information for any other purposes?

No, to maintain your privacy, the information you provide will be used only for Safety First Alert communications. It will not be shared or used for other purposes.


Is there a fee to use the Safety First Alert Service?

No, the Safety First Alert service does not cost anything to use, however, your cell phone providers normal fees and rates may apply to text messages.

Text Messages


How do I opt-in to receive text messages from Safety First Alert?

Simply provide your SMS enabled phone number on the Safety First Alert information form.

You can also request to receive text messages by texting "SUBSCRIBE MTU" to 23177.


What happens after I sign up for text messaging via the Safety First Alert website?

You will receive a confirmation email from Safety First Alert at your Michigan Tech email address. Depending on your cell phone provider you may receive a text message confirmation.


What will the confirmation message say on my phone?

You will see 23177 as the text messaging number sending you the confirmation message and all subsequent messages. The confirmation message will read the following: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from Michigan Tech (MTU). More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP" to opt-out.


I did not receive a confirmation message. What happened?

Check with your cell phone provider to confirm that your device accepts text messages and that the text messaging feature is enabled. You many need to subscribe to a plan in order to receive or reply to text messages.


I did not receive a confirmation message and I know my mobile device is text enabled. What should I do?

Some providers do not support short code text messaging. To test your opted in status, text the word "SUBSCRIBE MTU" to 23177 and you will receive the following reply: This phone number has already been opted in. More info text reply "Help" or "Stop" to opt-out.


How do I opt-out of the text-messaging portion of this service?

To opt-out you can remove the SMS phone number from the Safety First Alert form on Banweb or you can text "STOP MTU" to 23177.


What if I opted-out now but decided I want to opt-in again later?

To opt-in again you must first verify your SMS Phone Number in the Safety First Alert form and then text the word "SUBSCRIBE MTU" to 23177.


If I change mobile providers but I keep the same number, do I need to opt-in again?

No. Once your number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system.


How do I know that it is a real alert and not a test?

A real alert will come from 23177.

Voice Messages


What number will the voice messages be coming from?

A voice message will come from 906-487-3030.


I received the message but I missed the information. What should I do?

While on the call, you can replay the message by pressing the star key (*) at the end of the message. It will replay.


I received the message but it kept looping. Why?

The system does its best to detect whether it has reached a live person or an answering machine. Sometimes loud ambient noises may cause the system to loop. If this happens, move to a quieter location to prevent the message from looping or repeating.

Email Messages


Can I use an alternate email address?

All email correspondence from the Safety First Alert service will go to your Michigan Tech email account. You can choose to have your Michigan Tech email address forwarded. For additional information visit mail forwarding.