University Safety Manual

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Michigan Tech’s mission to “prepare students to create the future” involves the use of a wide variety of hazardous materials and processes that require special training and control measures to protect students, employees, and our environment from harm. The following University safety, health, and environmental policy and the management program outlined in this document form the basis for accomplishing our mission in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Michigan Tech Safety and Environmental Policy

The Safety Policy of Michigan Technological University is based on the firm conviction that accidents that cause personal injury or damage to property or the environment can be prevented. No phase of University business or operation is of greater importance than the safety.

Michigan Technological University will provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment at all locations and will establish operating practices designed to assure the safety of all.

All students, faculty, and staff are responsible for their individual safety performance and for protection of the environment. Each instructor/supervisor also has the responsibility to create a climate of safety and environmental awareness. Safety and environmental protection must be an integral part of every job. It is the responsibility of all to comply with safety rules and to work in such a manner as to prevent injuries to themselves and others and to prevent damage to the environment.

The prevention of accidents and the protection of the environment are in the best interest of all. Only through constant mutual effort and cooperation can we achieve these goals.

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