The Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) program’s development of the procedures and policies is guided by the CSE Mission Statement.

A Computational Science and Engineering program should be dedicated to:

  • preparing students to expertly use and develop computational environments and methods,
  • advancing research in new computational techniques to accurately model and solve problems in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering, and
  • advancing research in the sciences and engineering through the use of state-of-art computational techniques.

The research problems that the CSE students will face are extremely large and complex problem that do not seem to yield to conventional techniques. Many of these problems are at the front line of rapidly evolving disciplines.

The CSE program at Michigan Tech stresses:

  • a broad and sound computational background including an understanding of system architecture, large-scale software development, analysis of algorithms, and numerical methods and
  • a significant research experience in an application area including an understanding of the fundamental science and classical approaches.

Michigan Tech’s CSE program also supports interdisciplinary computational research by contributing to basic research in the sciences and engineering.