Construction Management—BS

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Michigan Tech Construction Management program is to provide a quality and current education that will prepare students for professional careers in the construction industry.  Students will be employable upon graduation and be prepared to grow professionally and be productive citizens in a global society.

Goals:     (Update for 2011-12 Academic year)

1.  Attract and support world-class and diverse faculty, staff, and students.

1.1.     Provide an outstanding work environment and support for faculty and staff.

            Metric:  Benchmark salary and compensation package.

1.2.     Attract a bright, motivated, and diverse student body.     

            Metrics:   -  Target average GPA of 2.75 and ACT of 22 for incoming students.

                             -  Percent ethnicity and gender of students.

1.3.     Provide exceptional facilities and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

            Metric:  Optimize use of resources, labs, and equipment.

1.4.     Enhance learning, discovery, and engagement by continually upgrading the faculty and staff.

            Metric:  Add one additional FTE faculty member by Fall 2013.

2.  Deliver a distinctive and rigorous learning experience to prepare graduates for careers in the construction field and professional growth.

2.1     Provide dynamic experiential learning that integrates instruction, teamwork, and projects in undergraduate courses.

           Metric:  Outcomes Assessment Program. 

2.2.    Promote and encourage student engagement, learning, and civic responsibility.

           Metric:  Extracurricular opportunities and organizations such as NAHB, ASC, ETEC, and others.

2.3.    Achieve ACCE accreditation by July 2013.

           Metric:  ACCE accreditation.

3.   Maintain and expand the program to enhance the CMG faculty performance in learning, discovery, and engagement.   

3.1.     Encourage and support faculty engagement in industry and/or other professional development activities annually.

             Metric:  Industrial activities, research involvement, publications and other.

3.2.      Promote technological education, economic development, and innovations regionally and nationally.            

             Metric:  Industry relations, committee participation, speaking engagements, and other outreach efforts.