Online Registration

If you are interested in attending the CDT, online enrollment is mandatory before 31st of August 2018.    Please go to / Upcoming Event Timeline. Under “Cooperative Demonstration of Technology - Next-Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development” (below the STO Events blue button), select Book now.

The Registration Window should appear on your screen. In the first step, please fill in your credentials. Please select your role at this meeting. If you are a member of the CDT through the NATO AVT or an Instructor please select ‘Technical Team Member’. As a participant of the CDT please select the role ‘Guest’. Please enter your credentials and select the days including the social events of the CDT you plan to attend. Finally, select Next to continue.

The second Registration Window should appear on your screen. Please check your credentials. If they are correct, please enter the captcha and select Book. An automatic email will be created that confirms that your request was successful. However, all participants are checked by their national authorities first before they receive a confirmation of the booking. Hence, until you receive confirmation from NATO CSO that your registration has been approved, you are not allowed to participate in the CDT.

On-site Registration

All participants of the CDT are requested to register at the locations shown on the Daily Time Schedule during the following times:

  • Monday, 24, September:  1600 hours to 2000 hours
  • Tuesday, 25, September: 0730 hours to 1700 hours
  • Wednesday, 26, September: 0730 hours to 0900 hours 

An identification badge will be issued to each person who has previously enrolled on the STO Events Website. You are requested to wear your meeting badge at all times whilst in the CDT. For security reasons please remove your badge when leaving the meeting location.


  • If you have not enrolled on the STO Events Website and/or not gotten an official validation email stating that your booking is confirmed, you will not be granted access to the meeting location.
  • All attendees MUST bring proof of citizenship, with photo ID (passport or a driver's license w/birth certificate)


Please let us know your transportation needs by filling out the following form: Transportation Needs

Special Food Requests

If you have dietary concerns, please fill out the following form: Special Meal Requests

last revised: 14 February 2018