Withdrawal Policies

University Withdrawal

The following refund schedule applies when students drop all classes and leave the University. This does NOT apply to students making schedule adjustments who otherwise remain enrolled at Michigan Tech.

Students receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees when all classes are dropped prior to the first day of the semester.

Refunds for classes offered in a time module other than a fourteen-week semester will be prorated according to this schedule and the equivalent percentage of time.

Time of Withdrawal Refund Percentage
Through Wednesday of the first week 100%
Thursday and Friday of the first week 90%
Second week 80%
Third week 70%
Fourth week 60%
Fifth week 50%
Sixth week 40%

Room and Board Refunds

Refunds of room-and-board charges will be prorated on the basis of the number of weeks used.

Enrollment Deposit

If you enrolled in fall 2020 or earlier, the enrollment deposit is refundable within six months of leaving the University. Enrollment deposits paid for the spring 2021 semester and beyond are not refundable. Unpaid charges such as library fines, traffic fines, lab charges, and other penalties are deducted from enrollment refunds.

Credit Balance Refunds

Students will be refunded credit balances according to the Refund Schedule.

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain correct addresses. Mailing addresses (local address where refund checks will be sent) may be updated through Banweb (Student Information System).

A $10 fee may be assessed to the student’s account if they request a stop payment and reissue of a credit balance check within fifteen days from the date of issue. No fee will be assessed if the request comes fifteen days or later after the date of issue.

Withdrawal Procedure

Students withdrawing from the University will have their tuition assessed based on the Withdrawal Refund Schedule. Failure to withdraw will result in F grades and in payment of tuition and fees which otherwise may be avoided.

Complete the Withdrawal Form online.

If you live in on-campus housing, remember to contact the Housing and Residential Life Office (906-487-2682) regarding your withdrawal.

Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

In those cases where a counseling and/or medical evaluation indicates that it is necessary for a student to withdraw from Michigan Technological University, and the student refuses to withdraw voluntarily, an involuntary withdrawal may be imposed by the Dean of Students (in the case of undergraduate students) or by the Dean of the Graduate School (in the case of graduate students).  The procedures to implement this policy are available here.

Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Service

Students called to active duty are guaranteed readmission upon completion of active service. Enrolled Michigan Tech students who are called to active military duty will be given the opportunity to work out the best possible solution for maintaining their academic status. They must choose one of the following options before departing for active service:

  • Leave for active service with a tuition refund of 100 percent. Refunds involving financial aid will be adjudicated to decrease the payback required from the student to the lowest possible amount.
  • Agree that temporary grades will be issued for enrolled courses. The temporary grades will be P for Progress or I for Incomplete. In some cases, arrangements can be made to complete the course work while on active duty. Otherwise, the student may complete the courses when they return to the University.

Required Course Withdrawal

The Dean of Students Office may, on the recommendation of the department chair, require students to withdraw from any course or courses in which their preparation, progress, effort, or conduct is deemed unsatisfactory.