Mission and Goals


Michigan Tech Campus Bike Initiative (CBI) is a committee of university faculty, staff and students, community members, and university and local law enforcement officers whose mission is to educate, encourage, and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as an affordable, viable and sustainable means of transportation and personal enjoyment within our campus and communities.


  • We promote the bicycle as appropriate and powerful technology
  • We recognize bicycling as a means to increase community and quality of life
  • We advocate environmental preservation and conservation by encouraging the use of the bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation and recreation
  • We strive to increase bicycling as a form of recognized not just “alternative” transportation
  • We provide access to tools and knowledge regarding bicycles to anyone in the community regardless of race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability
  • We promote the safe use of the bicycle in accordance with university policy, local ordinances, and state laws
  • We embrace the diversity of people through cycling as well as encourage partnership among the different local cycling populations
  • We commit to providing a long-term programming to further the values above