ADVANCE at Michigan Tech recognizes the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the career development of faculty at all stages of their careers. We have and will continue to collect resources related to navigating these challenges on our resources page linked below. If you have found resources you'd like to share, please email us.

Advanced Career Management (ACM)

About Advanced Career Management

Adapted from University of Michigan's LIFT program, Advanced Career Management aims to promote faculty career success through a series of workshops, panels and career planning (affinity) groups. The program will focus on three core areas of emphasis: Leadership/Administration, Research Intensive careers, and RST (Research, Service, and Teaching) Balance.

Mentoring for Associate Professors Next Week

Advanced Career Management (ACM) will offer an open “Office Hour” for mid-career faculty during the week of November 1-5. The event will pair an associate-level faculty member with a full professor to discuss career-related topics. The theme of this event is “Upgrade Your Profile.” Faculty can raise other topics of interest, but are encouraged to review CVs and discuss strategies for accomplishing high-value career goals.

Associate professors who are interested in participating should email with their contact information. The ADVANCE office will suggest a one-hour meeting time based on calendar availabilities for the mentor and mentee. Both an in-person location and a Zoom link will be provided. Participating mentors include Will Cantrell (Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate School), Shiyue Fang (Professor, Chemistry), Adrienne Minnerick (Professor, Chemical Engineering), and Judith Perlinger (Environmental Sciences).

For information on each of the mentors, click here.

Affinity Groups

In Spring 2020, the Advanced Career Management program launched its inaugural affinity group program. This program pairs 3-4 recently tenured faculty (participants) with 1 senior faculty called "Senior Guides" who share common career goals. Affinity groups are divided based on the common interest in one of three career paths- Leadership, Research Intensive, and Research and Teaching Excellence. For more information, visit our Affinity Groups page.

ACM Workshops Recordings and Resources: Fall 2021

Faculty Career Development Resources

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