“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Share Your Professional Experience . . . Help students Prepare for Their Next Big Step

It's an ever-changing world out there but one thing is constant: Michigan Tech alumni and students share a rigorous academic experience and are well prepared to meet workplace challenges.

Students benefit greatly from the many alumni who financially support scholarships, facilities, research, and many other campus activities, but the value they receive from those who share their time and experience is incalculable.

With the launch of the Alumni Association's new mentoring program, alumni can share their professional experience as well as network with students and recent graduates. It provides a great opportunity to show your passion for your industry and profession and possibly get them interested in pursuing a career in that area.

Ken Guenther, who attended Tech on an US Army program in 1945, believes so strongly in the value of sharing knowledge and experience with students that he has committed to funding this program. "This interaction can be so powerful," he says. "Alumni receive the satisfaction of giving of themselves in the form of insight, contacts, networking, and help. The students benefit by converting the information into career progress. This is a win-win deal."

"We have many examples of how alumni open doors for our students within their corporations," says Jim Turnquist '79, director of career services. "With this program, alumni can also provide guidance to students who are looking for information about professions and industries to help them make decisions on their future careers."

The new mentoring section of HuskyLink helps build these connections. It's easy; just go to the website and fill in your mentor profile. Students can then contact you for career advice. There are even suggestions for maintaining a good mentor-mentee relationship. To learn more about how you can provide encouragement and support to students, visit www.mtu.edu/alumni/connect/mentoring.