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You Did It!

by Marcia Goodrich

Generations of Discovery: The Campaign for Michigan Tech has officially drawn to a close, leaving behind a lasting legacy for the University.

Alumni and friends gave $215,366,353 to Michigan Tech, eclipsing the initial goal of $200 million.

2006-13: How Far We’ve Come

Generations of Discovery: The Campaign for Michigan Tech provided an ideal opportunity for the University community to focus on realizing its strategic goals. Here are a handful of the milestones achieved in the last seven years that illustrate how far we have come.

Mission: Improbable

There were some arched eyebrows when Michigan Tech announced the goal for Generations of Discovery: The Campaign for Michigan Tech, back in 2006.

We asked three of the principals what it was like trying to raise $200 million. President Glenn Mroz, Vice President for Advancement Shea McGrew, and George Butvilas, who chairs the Michigan Tech Fund Board of Trustees, agreed to talk with us.

Here are some extracts from their chat over coffee in the library café.

11 Great Things

Your gifts, both large and small, are already making a difference. Here are just a few examples that show how much you have done for Michigan Tech.

The 2013 Alumni Association Award Winners

With backgrounds in fields as varied as mining, dentistry, manufacturing, brewing, and R&D, these Michigan Tech alumni and friends have one thing in common: a legacy of success and dedication.