Sociology and Geography

Sociology is a discipline within the social sciences that studies society and human relations within a societal context. Sociological research in the social sciences department focuses primarily on the status of underrepresented minorities in both American and international society, as well as societal impacts on the environment with a connection to both our political science and environmental and energy policy research. Our sociological research employs a place-based methodology emphasizing geography and demography techniques.

FacultyAreas of Interest
International/transnational development; Faith-based development; Gender; Human rights; Global service learning; African studies (Niger)
Applications of GIS for Historical Research; Environmental Change and Life Course Epidemiology; Qualitative GIS; Urban Environments and Population Health; Deindustrialization and Shrinking Cities; Time-Space Integration and Modeling in GIS; Demography and Historical Record Linkage; Sense of Place and Neighborhood Construction; Mobility
Social simulation; Agent-based modeling; Land-use modeling; Norm evolution; Survey design; International relations
Rural Sociology; Population and Environment; Environmental Sociology; Community Engaged Scholarship; Internal Migration; GIS and spatial analysis