Social Sciences

Environmental and Energy Policy Research

Environmental and energy policy is an emerging discipline within the social sciences. In response to our social responsibilities and impacts on the natural environment, environmental and energy policy seeks to better understand human decision-making that directly or indirectly affects our natural world. Environmental and Energy policy—MS and Environmental and Energy Policy—PhD research in the social sciences department investigates this issue from a number of interrelated perspectives, including energy production and consumption, environmental governance, and human relations with the natural environment, emphasizing sustainability. Water management and policy is one of our areas of specialization. 

Faculty Areas of Interest
Great Lakes of North America; International Law; Malta; Scholarship of Pedagogy; Arctic Affairs
The historical interaction between technological change, uses of the environment, and systems of governance ; Adaptive governance; Sustainable energy and environmental policy
Woody bioenergy; Climate change; Natural resource policy; Biodiversity policy; Bioenergy policy
Toxics, forested watersheds, and northern lakes; Environmental history; Watershed change and water quality; Mining history
Landscape ecology; Conservation Biology; Environmental and Natural Resources Policy; Sustainability science
Social simulation; Agent-based modeling; Land-use modeling; Norm evolution; Survey design; International relations
Energy Policy; Renewable Energy Development; Ecological Economics; Emissions Trading; Geography of Energy
Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Social, Economic, and Political Dimensions of Haciendas, Plantations, and Industrial Communities in the American West, Latin America, and the Caribbean ; Issues Related to Colonialism, World-Systems Analysis, post-Colonialism, and Globalization; Relevance of Archaeology and Heritage to Identity Formation and Contemporary Social Systems
Canadian Energy and Environmental Issues; Climate Change Adaptation; Oil Sands Development; Forest Policy; Canadian Studies; Policy Innovation Labs; Policy Design
Rural Sociology; Population and Environment; Environmental Sociology; Community Engaged Scholarship; Internal Migration; GIS and spatial analysis