Social Sciences

Research Focus

Our faculty conducts research that contributes to the production of knowledge in areas associated with the department’s two graduate programs and their own disciplinary subfields.  Faculty connected to the graduate program in Energy and Environmental Policy generally conduct research in support of societal decisions involving environmental- and energy-policy goals, strategies, and programs. Faculty connected to the graduate program in Industrial Archaeology and Heritage examine social change in industrial communities through the lens of material culture. Faculty members also carry on disciplinary research in the areas of anthropology, history, political science, and sociology and geography.

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Research News

Campus Research Affiliations

Center for Water and Society

Supports research, education, and outreach in all disciplines at Michigan Tech

Computational Science and Engineering

Expands interdisciplinary computer systems research and education across academic disciplines at Michigan Tech

Ecosystems Science Center

Promotes understanding of ecosystem function through education and research at Michigan Tech

Sustainable Futures Institute

An incubator for research, education and outreach efforts related to sustainability

Michigan Tech Archives

Houses Copper Country historical collections

Affiliated Organizations

Local, national, and international organizations we work with or in which our faculty oversee.