Industrial Heritage and Archaeology

Industrial Heritage and Archaeology

Through industrialization, humans transformed the world, introducing social and environmental changes of unprecedented scope, scale, and speed that continue to impact us today. Industrial archaeologists study the history and heritage of industry, including its roots, evolution, and the patchy decline of postindustrial places. At Michigan Tech, we use interdisciplinary studies of the material remains and social memories of industrial workplaces, landscapes, and communities. Our research focuses on the social, political, and ecological construction of technological systems. We also examine the patrimony of industrial societies, considering how communities cope with the onset, effort, and consequences of industrial wealth production.

FacultyAreas of Interest

Carl Blair


Nancy Langston

Environmental history; Watershed change; Ecological history; Fisheries history; Mining history

Carol MacLennan

Political Ecology/Environmental Anthropology,  Industrial History and the Environment,  Environmental Policy, Mining and Sugar Cane industries

Patrick Martin

Industrial archaeology; Industrial heritage; Historical archaeology

Susan Martin

Heritage Management and Studies; Prehistoric Archaeology; Native American Technologies; Ancient Copper; Food Systems

Frederic Quivik

Industrial History, especially at the intersection History of Technology and Environmental History; Architectural History; History of Mining and Metallurgical Technologies; Energy History

Jonathan Robins

agriculture, industrialization, commodities and consumption

Timothy Scarlett

Historical and Industrial Archaeologies, History of Technology; Ecobiography, Religion and Identity; Archaeological Science and Culture Theory; Ceramic Petrology, Neutron Activation Analysis; Electronic and Distance Education and Anthropology; Archaeology and Cross-Curriculum, Experiential Education

Chelsea Schelly

Technology and Alternative Technologies; Sustainable Communities; Self-Provisioning

Sam Sweitz

Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Social, Economic, and Political Dimensions of Haciendas, Plantations, and Industrial Communities in the American West, Latin America, and the Caribbean; Issues Related to Colonialism, World-Systems Analysis, post-Colonialism, and Globalization; Relevance of Archaeology and Heritage to Identity Formation and Contemporary Social Systems

Steven Walton

History of Technology; History of Science; Military History; European History from late antique to early modern; 19thC American Industrialization; History of Collecting and Material Culture