History is the record of the bygone events in human existence, with an inquiry into their causes and the lessons they afford human conduct.  History looks at people, institutions, inventions, environment, sciences, and thought, weaving them together to develop a complex understanding of the past.  Here at Michigan Tech, our strengths lie in looking at how humans develop, manipulate, and interact with environments, and we consider the social, economic, and political forces that gave rise to industrialization, as well as labor relations and the material culture of the built environment.

FacultyAreas of Interests
Experimental Archaeology; Early Large scale iron production; Roman and Anglo-Saxon England; Rise of socially complex societies; International program development
The historical interaction between technological change, uses of the environment, and systems of governance; The political ecology of energy
Applications of GIS for Historical Research; Environmental Change and Life Course Epidemiology; Qualitative GIS; Urban Environments and Population Health; Deindustrialization and Shrinking Cities; Time-Space Integration and Modeling in GIS; Demography and Historical Record Linkage; Sense of Place and Neighborhood Construction; Mobility
Toxics and environmental health; Environmental history; Watershed change and water quality; Mining history
History of Technology; Environmental History; Architectural History; Industrial Archeology; History of the Organization of Industrial Enterprises
History of Globalization; Economic History; History of Imperialism and Colonialism; International Business Organization; Commodity Studies; History of Food
history of technology; history of science; artillery, fortification, ordnance; history of engineering; military history; Early Modern European history