Social Sciences

Anthropology Research

Anthropology is the science of humanity, in the broadest sense of the term. The discipline of anthropology subsumes archaeology and cultural anthropology, which are the department’s specialty areas, as well as physical anthropology and linguistics. Research in the social sciences department examines the physical remains of human cultures, human language and speech, relationships among world cultures and histories, and the environmental factors that influence behaviors and worldviews.

Faculty Areas of Interest
International/transnational development; Faith-based development; Gender; Human rights; Global service learning; African studies (Niger)
Environmental anthropology/political ecology; Anthropology of industry (mining, sugar); Hawai`i and the Pacific; Anthropology of public policy
Industrial archaeology; Industrial heritage; Historical archaeology
Historical and Industrial Archaeologies; Ecobiography, Creativity and Work; Ceramic Petrology, Neutron Activation Analysis; Community-based scholarship, public science/humanities; Archaeometric and Conservation Sciences
Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Social, Economic, and Political Dimensions of Haciendas, Plantations, and Industrial Communities in the American West, Latin America, and the Caribbean ; Issues Related to Colonialism, World-Systems Analysis, post-Colonialism, and Globalization; Relevance of Archaeology and Heritage to Identity Formation and Contemporary Social Systems
Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Archaeology of Capitalism; Class and Inequality; Marxist Theory; Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management