PhD Curriculum

Guidelines for students entering the graduate program in Fall 2004 or later.

Required for graduation:

  • 30 credits total (entering the program with an MS Degree).
  • 60 credits total (entering the program without an MS Degree). Students entering without the MS must also complete our MS Degree curriculum.
  • No specific courses are required in addition to the MS, though your thesis advisor may require you to take courses. Research credits (MY5990 and MY6990) count towards the required course credit requirements.
  • Students who obtain an MS degree from somewhere other than MTU, or who are admitted directly to the PhD program, must take the core courses that are required for the MS degree. These courses may be waived if similar courses have been taken elsewhere, subject to approval of your thesis advisor and the Department Chair.
    • MY5100 Thermodynamics and Kinetics I (3 credits)
    • MY5110 Thermodynamics and Kinetics II (3 credits)
    • MY5260 Crystallography and Diffraction (3 credits)
    • MY5900 Graduate Seminar (1 credit)

Students must successfully complete the PhD Qualifying Examination.

The "research credit only" mode can be achieved by the student after they have successfully completed:

  1. the oral qualifier exam,
  2. the written comprehensive exam, and
  3. the course of study plan approved by their PhD committee.