By Danny Messinger '12

Ever wonder what today's students are talking about? For an honest perspective on campus issues and events, we've pulled lines from a few recent articles in the Lode to illustrate what matters to students, from a new zombie apocalypse game sweeping campus to an across-the-board ban on tobacco.

"You also learn that these company reps are nice, personable people with the power to grant you a career. They are not here to scare you away; they are here to help you get where you want to be."

Katelyn Waara urges students to embrace the job search process and take advantage of mock interviews offered by Career Services. (September 17)

"Like any idealistic crusade, the smoking ban is a concept that in order to work requires not only support but action."

Zach Evans on ensuring success with a campus-wide ban of all tobacco products, which went into effect at the start of the fall semester. (September 10)

"It's been hard to miss the signs of the ongoing zombie outbreak here on campus over the past week."

But don't fret, Lode writer Rand Silvers says; it's all part of a campus-wide game, like tag from grade-school days. More than 75 students registered to play. (October 8)

"According to Twitter, as millions of Americans tuned into the VMAs, [Miley Cyrus's] performance spurred a wave of about 306,100 tweets per minute. Meanwhile, our country is nearly on the brink of war."

Megan Walsh, opinion editor, on which headlines grab attention in the Twittersphere these days. "Syria over Cyrus," she pleads. (September 10)

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