Winter 2013-2014 Michigan Tech Magazine

Letters to the Editor

Remembering "Moose"

It was with mixed emotions that I read page 30 of the fall Michigan Tech Magazine and learned of Coach Larson’s passing. I was saddened, of course, yet it was a comfort to know that he lived eighty-eight years in the Copper Country and had a great career at MTU.

Coach Larson came into my life in 1959, when I joined the varsity rifle team; I lettered four years under his tutelage. Coach Larson was the Air Force ROTC rifle team coach, but he recruited me and Ken Cygon from the Army ROTC to form the varsity team.

He had an old Chevy Suburban van that he would load up with five or six of us to travel around to various meets at the University of Illinois, Grand Rapids, Marquette, etc. Those were great trips, as I saw places and made great friendships riding in the van for many, many hours.

F. C. Townsend ’62
Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering
University of Florida