Spring 2010 Michigan Tech Magazine

Michigan Tech Magazine Spring 2010

Test Your Tech Knowledge


How many Michigan Tech students played broomball in 2009?

Over 2,000.


What was Michigan Tech’s first Peace Corps program?

The Loret Miller Ruppe Master's International Program in Forestry, established in 1995.


Who was president of the Michigan College of Mines at the time of the Italian Hall disaster?

Fred McNair.


Who was the first dean of forestry?

Eric Bourdo.


When was the first organization for international students formed? What nationality did it serve?

According to the 1924 Keweenawan, the Chinese Students' Club was formed "about 1915." It had nine members. In fall 2009, Michigan Tech enrolled 448 students from the People’s Republic of China, six from Taiwan/Republic of China, and 219 from India.Executive Director, Engineers Without Borders–USA, Boulder, above your name on the address label on the


When was US-41 moved from what is now the campus mall to its current route?

Construction began in 1969 and was finished in summer 1970.


How many presidents has Michigan Tech had?

Ten—Marshman Wadsworth, Albert Williams Jr., Fred McNair,William Hotchkiss, Grover Dillman, J. R. Van Pelt, Ray Smith, Dale Stein, Curt Tompkins, and Glenn Mroz.


For what NFL team did former Husky Joe Berger start last year as center?

Miami Dolphins.


How many steps are there from the bottom to the top of the Smith MEEM Building?



When was the first rope tow installed at Mont Ripley?



When Jim Mack graduated from Michigan Tech, what was the University’s formal name?

Michigan College of Mining and Technology.


What was the first building constructed on the Michigan Mining School campus, and when was it built?

Hubbell Hall, named for State Senator Jay Hubbell, who wrote the legislation establishing the school, was built in 1889.


When did Michigan Tech begin offering degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering?


Michigan Tech celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. The campus has seen plenty of changes since 1885. can you identify any of these gone-but-not-forgotten buildings, which were constructed during the University's first fifty years?

Click each image for the answers.

Mechanical Engineering Building/Mechanical Shops, built in 1898, housed mechanical engineering.
Hubbell School, 1888, originally a grade school, it later housed forestry classes.
Hubbell Hall, 1889, the closest thing Tech has had to an Old Main, once used by math and physics.
Hotchkiss Hall, 1931, mineral museum, mechanical and electrical engineering.
McNair Hall, 1925, metallurgical engineering and mineral dressing.
Koenig Hall, 1922, chemistry and chemical engineering.
Sperr Hall, 1902, mining engineering.