Fall 2010 Michigan Tech Magazine

Letters to the Editor

I wanted to write to you about the article referring to the ceremony held by the mechanical engineering department to induct new engineers into the Order of the Engineer. I graduated from Tech in May with an environmental engineering degree, and I too was inducted into the Order. The civil and environmental engineering department also holds a ceremony to induct new engineers into the Order where all engineering majors are welcome.

It is not as elaborate as the mechanical engineering department ceremony sounds, but it happens nonetheless, and it was a very proud moment for me. I feel distinguished in wearing my engineer's ring.

Stephanie Garbacik '10
BS Environmental Engineering, Municipal Engineering minor
Alpha Gamma Delta alumna

Thank you very much indeed for sending me the online Michigan Tech Magazine. I just took a break from trying to design a group of ten micro-hydroelectric generation projects here on the west coast of Scotland and read every article with that sense of pride in being a Tech grad. I had better get back to work and hope you will continue to send these to me.

Kurt Larson '82
Result Consulting LLC

This last magazine (volume 47, number1 ) was the best Michigan Tech Magazine I have ever read. The range of topics was threaded well from the history to our future. I connected and enjoyed the additional current events—Winter Carnival and PCA inductees with the traditional alumni updates. This new style makes me feel as though I am part of the University again, and I look forward to reading more of your magazines.

Juli (Silber) Musch '87

Again I enjoyed the spring 2010 issue of the Michigan Tech Magazine. President Mroz’s vision for the future was an interesting read for me. I enjoyed his remarks, although I am concerned about the academic rankings of Michigan Tech in US News & World Report, as well as in washingtonmonthly.com and The Times world university rankings, timeshighereducation.co.uk. His comments about the cost of higher education were also interesting in light of what is appearing in the media. One important factor regarding the cost of tuition: the household income of Michigan residents will rank 40th out of 50 states at the end of 2010, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Another point I want to mention is that the idea that international students come to the US to prepare for employment in large international organizations like Walmart does have a slight conservative political slant.

Mike Renier '89